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"A Lot of Political Upside for Cheney"


The Corner on National Review Online : Warrantless searches, Katrina fingerpointing, $7.8 trillion budget, Abramoff spin: these were the stories buffetting the White House last week. This week, it's Dick Cheney's hunting accident.... [O]ne would think the Democrats would understand that it will be difficult to return to many of these themes.... This is not a partisan point, but mere media analysis.... [O]nce the media starts ignoring you, it's unlikely to come back again, never mind pick up where it left off.... I still think there's room for a lot of political upside for Cheney.... [T]hat's certainly the way to bet.

Yes, it is Jonah Goldberg. He is really saying that Cheney has improved his national political standing by shooting Whittington in the face, liver, and heart.

And should somebody point out to Goldberg that the U.S. government spends $2.8 trillion a year, not $7.8 trillion? Or is that simply a completely lost cause?