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Gosh! We Democrats Sure Are Powerful!

Daniel Gross reads the best comics page in America today:

Daniel Gross: February 05, 2006 - February 11, 2006 Archives : ALL POWERFUL DEMOCRATS: Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, desperately seeking to spin the absurd budget proposal, engages in tremendous contortions to focus the blame for the deficit and fiscal profligacy where it really belong: on the Democrats. Never mind that Republicans have controlled the White House for the past five years, and that they've essentially controlled Congress for the past five years, they can't really be blamed for continuing to pass laws that don't align receipts with outlays.

The only thing worse than Mr. Bush's spending record is the clucking on Capitol Hill deploring it. The Members have voted to spend every dime, and Democrats especially have resisted every attempt to restrain spending growth. Only last week, not one Democrats in the House voted for a bill to slow entitlement spending by a mere $40 billion over five years.

You see, Democrats don't play any actual role in taxing or spending decisions. But they're responsible for them anyway...