Berkeley Economic History Seminar: Economics 211: Spring 2006
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In Today's Mail: Books and Articles

Four books that arrived today to add to the pile. They are all well worth reading, IMHO at least:

  1. Tobias Buckell (2006), Crystal Rain (New York: Tor: 0765312271)
  2. Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson (2006), Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy (Cambridge: Cambridge University: 0521855268)
  3. Chris Roush (2004), Show Me the Money (Lawrence Erlbaum: 0805849556)
  4. Edward Luttwak (1969), Coup d'Etat (New York: Knopf: 0674175476)

And this morning's mail includes the recent collected reprints of Mark Roe: "Delaware's Politics" from HLR, "Regulatory Competition in Making Corporate Law" from the Oxford Review of Economic Policy, "Can Culture Constrain the Economic Model of Corporate Law" from UCLR, and two book chapters--"Institutions of Corporate Governance" and "On Sacrificing Profits in the Public Interest." And it includes next Monday's seminar paper: Alfonso Herranz-Loncan from the University of Barcelona on "Did Spain Gain so Much from the Railroads? The Contribution of Railroad Technology to Spanish Economic Growth 1848-1913."

And Eudora has singled out an email message telling me to go read Greg Ip's lecture, "The Enigma of Alan Greenspan"

It's a very good thing that I like to read...