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More Journamalism from the New York Times

Be sure not to miss Elizabeth Bumiller's rolling out Scott McClellan to respond to Bruce Bartlett:

White House Letter: Criticism of Bush leaves conservative in the cold - Americas - International Herald Tribune: One Republican, Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, responded to Bartlett's book by e-mail message over the weekend. "Spending is coming under control," McClellan wrote, adding that in the 2007 budget submitted to Congress this month, "the president put forward the most disciplined nonsecurity discretionary proposal since the Reagan era."

Now I know, and Bruce Bartlett knows, and Scott McClellan knows that "nonsecurity discretionary" spending is 15% of the total budget. I know, Bruce Bartlett knows, and Scott McClellan knows that the other 85% of the budget is running wild and free: "undisciplined."

Elizabeth Bumiller, however, is anxious not to point out--anywhere in the story--that a claim by Scott McClellan that 15% of the budget is "disciplined" is not a refutation of Bruce Bartlett.