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The Washington Post Returns to the Internet

UPDATE: Yes. The microphone is now back on.

Ah. The Wahington Post returns to the internet:

Poynter Online - Forums: Memo from Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Washington Post continuous news editor: 02/16/2006 07:19 PM

To: [Washington Post newsroom]

Subject: Comments resuming in

Starting Friday morning, will allow people to once again post comments in, the blog used to announce new features on the site. As many of you may recall, the comments feature was shut down a few weeks ago after some users posted offensive and inappropriate messages. Since then, the editors at have taken several steps to minimize the chance that offensive or inappropriate comments will get posted. Those steps include:

-- A profanity filter to automatically block messages with offensive content.
-- The ability to block the Internet (IP) addresses of people who persist in trying to post inappropriate material.
-- The assignment of staffers to read every message that comes into the blog.
-- The immediate removal of messages deemed to be offensive or inappropriate.
-- The posting on of a new comments policy.

In a message that will be posted on, the site's executive editor, Jim Brady, notes that the Web site "allows something invaluable: a continuing conversation with readers, and among them." But he also warns those who want to comment to respect "minimal but firm rules." Among them:

· Tough criticism is welcome; personal attacks on writers or other readers are not.
· No use of profanity is permitted.
· You may not pose as someone else when posting.

But the microphone is not yet plugged in.