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The Ostrich Administration: Apres Bush le Deluge

Virtual Blogroll Post of the Week

If you want to understand the Valerie Plame Wilson affair--well, not to understand it, but to have your not-understanding of it be at a sophisticated and subtle level--so foul and fair a mystery I have not seen--then you need to read three and only three sources. Our virtual blogroll post of the week is thus composed of these three Wyrd Sisters--actually, the metaphor breaks down quickly and doesn't make any sense in the first place--of:

  1. Tom "Minuteman" Maguire: "I come, Greymalkin!"
  2. firedoglake: "Paddock calls!"
  3. Murray Waas: "Anon!"

"Fair is foul and foul is fair! Hover through the fog and filthy air!"