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Jonesing for a MacBookPro:

Autopope! - How I know I spend too much time in my local Mac dealership:

  1. Enter shop.
  2. Head for display machines. Drool copiously over the 2GHz MacBook Pro.
  3. Overhear salesman telling punter that they're selling like crazy and there might not be any left.
  4. Fondle credit card, already smoking, and realize that the new tax year begins next Thursday.
  5. Ask salesman, "how much, with maxed out memory?"
  6. Salesman confirms that while the list price is the same as the Apple store is advertising, the extra memory is about half the price.
  7. "Say, can you order one for me for next Thursday? With the memory? So it's in the next tax year?"
  8. What did it was the reply: "certainly Mr Stross, I'll put one aside for you and it'll have the memory installed when you come to pick it up."

At no point did I tell him my name. At no point was I wearing a badge, other than maybe the flashing red sign over my head saying JOBS CULTIST. And I wasn't angling for the valued-customer treatment, either. I definitely need to spend less time in that shop.