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Covering the Economy: March 7: Tax Day!

"Don't tax you, don't tax me, tax the guy behind the tree!"--Russell Long, Senate Finance Committee Chairman

"The art of taxation is like plucking a goose: to get the most feathers with the least amount of hissing."--Jean-Baptiste Colbert, French Finance Minister

Our tax system: Tax Policy Special Report : Tax Policy: Ripe for Reform? By Dan Froomkin Staff Updated April 28, 1998 : "The U.S. tax code is phenomenally complicated, not entirely fair -- and takes money out of your pocket. What's to like?"

An example of unfairness:

Who Needs the Mortgage-Interest Deduction? - New York Times : By ROGER LOWENSTEIN: "One of the first financial lessons I learned from my father was that when you buy a house, you get a tax break from deducting the interest on your mortgage. Therefore, he would explain as if it were as natural as pivoting at second base on a throw from shortstop, a person could afford to pay more for a house that he owned than he would on a residence that he was only renting and on which he didn't get the tax break."

Taxes are almost surely going up:

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The tax reform rugby scrum:

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