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Brad Setser Is Shrill...

John Scalzi's Online Poll


Uh, so, how are you?

  • Well, you know. Fine.
  • As happy as one can be without medication!
  • As happy as one can be with medication! Whoo-hoo!
  • Filled with nameless dread, which I shall name "Todd." Wait, now it has a name. Oh, God.
  • I'm great with honey butter!
  • I refuse to answer on the grounds that I doubt your interest is sincere. You goddamn fake.
  • I'm CAFFINATED!!! w00t!!!111!!1one1!
  • I'm gleeful as I plot your downfall, that's how I'm doing. And soon you will have blundered into my trap. Yes, yes.
  • I am because one night my mom and dad got busy. Isn't that how you are, too?
  • Hallucinating again. Now get your tongue out of my spicules, Admiral.