Stan Collender and Budget Coverage (Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?)
Mark Schmitt on Budget Coverage...

Memories... and Hard-Disk Space and Processor Speed

The first computer I ever programmed was like this one:

InfoDog, MB-F Newsletter, October 1992: a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP 1170. It came complete with 128K of memory, 100 megabytes of disk, [15 MHz].... All this great hardware cost a mere $200,000.

Due to the fact that my laptop hard disk started screaming like a Bain Sidhe last week, I now have a $2,000 MacBookPro:

2G of memory, 92GB of hard disk, running at 2 GHz.

How many more computrons? What's the proper formula? A guess: 100 x 30 x 130 = 400,000 times as many computrons in this laptop as in the PDP 1170.... 40,000,000 times as many computrons per dollar.

The only thing as mind-blowing as the increase in computer power and decrease in computer cost is the decrease in the rate of utilization of computer-power...