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Ramesh Ponnuru also flees in terror from his own book:

The Corner on National Review Online: A QUIBBLE byRamesh Ponnuru: Garance Franke-Ruta mentions my forthcoming book The Party of Death[: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life], which she describes as a "book on Democrats." The book does have quite a bit to say about the Democrats, and it's tough on them. But the book is about more than that, and the title isn't meant as a pejorative term for the Democrats. I explain, mostly in the introduction, what I mean and don't mean by the phrase. I'm not saying this to complain about Franke-Ruta. It was nice of her to mention the book, and her assumption was an easy one to make, partly because the Amazon page on the book is a bit misleading. (I've tried to get Amazon to change it a few times.)

But wait a minute, Ramesh! It's not that you are complaining about. IT'S YOUR OWN PUBLISHER, REGNERY, YOUR OWN SUBTITLE, AND YOUR OWN BOOK'S DUST JACKET!!

Ramesh Ponnuru's The Party of Death: From the Inside Flap:

Is the Democratic Party the "Party of Death"?

If you look at their agenda they are.

IT’S NOT JUST abortion-on-demand. It’s euthanasia, embryo destruction, even infanticide—-and a potentially deadly concern with "the quality of life" of disabled people. If you think these issues don’t concern you—guess again. The Party of Death could be roaring into the White House, as National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru shows, in the person of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In The Party of Death, Ponnuru details how left-wing radicals, using abortion as their lever, took over the Democratic Party-—and how they have used their power to corrupt our law and politics, abolish our fundamental right to life, and push the envelope in ever more dangerous directions. In The Party of Death, Ponnuru reveals:

  • How Hillary Clinton could use the abortion issue (but not in the way you think) to become president
  • Why the conventional wisdom about Roe v.Wade is a lie
  • How the party of death-—a coalition of special interests ranging from Planned Parenthood to Hollywood-—came to own the Democratic Party
  • How the mainstream media promotes the party of death
  • Why Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, and other leading liberals gave up being pro-life
  • How liberals use animal rights to displace human rights
  • The Democratic presidential candidate who said that infanticide is a mother’s "choice"
  • How doctors-—and other health care professionals—-are being coerced, by law, into violating their consciences
  • The ultrasound revolution: why there’s hope to stop the party of death

Ponnuru’s shocking exposé shows just how extreme the Party of Death has become as they seek to destroy every inconvenient life, demand fealty to their radical agenda, and punish anyone who defies them. But he also shows how the tide is turning, how the Party of Death can be defeated, and why its last victim might be the Democratic Party itself.

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