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Hugh Hewitt puts his life on the line--and needs a change of underpants--every time he sets foot in his radio studio:

Unfogged: Hugh Hewitt: I've got chutzpah! Posted by Fontana Labson 03.29.06: Everyone's already talking about this, but I wanted to highlight something about Hewitt's pretense of valor. Read the transcript of Hewitt's conversation with Michael Ware. There's this interesting discussion of how Ware came close to having his head sawed off:

By the same token, trying to film them secretly in Baghdad, I was kidnapped by them, dragged out of my car, and a group of Syrian fighters for Zarqawi were preparing to execute me on the street here in Baghdad. So I've been with Zarqawi's people in a number of different forms.... And eventually, the al Qaeda Syrians decided it wasn't worth it, and through very gritted teeth, after having said a Westerner comes in here and you expect us to let him leave alive, they finally relented and set me free. It was not a pleasant experience.

Then, some time after this discussion-- that is, after we've been made aware of the fact that Ware's been in some serious shit-- he says

I mean, you're sitting back in a comfortable radio studio, far from the realities of this war.

and Hugh responds, hilariously, with this:

I'm sitting in the Empire State Building. Michael, I'm sitting in the Empire State Building, which has been in the past, and could be again, a target. Because in downtown Manhattan, it's not comfortable, although it's a lot safer than where you are, people always are three miles away from where the jihadis last spoke in America. So that's... civilians have a stake in this. Although you are on the front line, this was the front line four and a half years ago.

Ok. I just wanted to note the larger context. Nothing more to say, really.