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DeLong Smackdown Watch! ("Are My Methods Unsound?" Edition)

Paul Krugman Commands You to Surf to...

Paul Krugman tells you to surf to:

A Few Notes on Income Inequality - Krugman - NYT Web Journal: My Links

  •, Congressional Budget Office: It's not just about the federal budget. CBO is doing a terrific job these days, and its work covers everything from "Macroeconomic and budgetary impacts of Hurricane Katrina" (Sept. 6, 2005) to income distribution, where CBO's estimates are the most comprehensive. I check the CBO site every few days just to see what's new.
  •, Statistical Abstract of the United States: It's amazing how much you can learn from this source, and how many silly arguments it can help you put to rest. The supplements "Statistics in brief" and "Mini historical statistics," which come with downloadable spreadsheets, are especially useful. A related site I find very useful is the Census site on income statistics, where you can learn about trends in income, poverty, health insurance, and more.
  •, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: CBPP is a progressive think tank, and its political stance dictates the choice of topics. But even conservatives should read the Center's work: the number-crunching is utterly scrupulous, and there's nothing else, on the left or the right, like CBPP for sophisticated, knowledgeable analysis of government programs. I check the center's site every few days to see what they're cooking.
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