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Ryan Lizza attacks Russ Feingold, saying that it would be bad to censure Bush:

Russ Feingold's selfish move: Bush's long march from honest to incompetent, from approval ratings in the 60s to approval ratings in the 30s, must have seemed for Russ Feingold like the ideal time to stir a national debate about censuring the president. Feingold... restrained himself by limiting it to Bush's domestic spying program, which circumvents the FISA court and, if reading the plain language of legislation is still the best way to interpret a statute, clearly violates the law.... Censure is meaningless. Changing the FISA law is the way to address Bush's overreach...

So Bush (i) breaks the FISA law, (ii) announces that he intends to break any future laws like FISA that constrain him, and yet Ryan says that (iii) modifying FISA is "the way to address Bush's overreach"? How is passing yet another law that Bush has said he will ignore and break "the way to address Bush's overreach"?

Is this profoundly stupid, or what?