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WSJ Interview of Thomas Sowell

The Unknown Professor directs us to a...

Financial Rounds: WSJ Interview of Thomas Sowell: ...Wall Street Journal interview of Sowell. Not surprisingly (since he's 76), he's refreshingly old school. He makes a critical distinction between how he presents his views within the classroom vs. without: 'Mr. Sowell may be an unabashed free-market adherent, but he's proud to say that Professor Sowell left his personal views out of the classroom. In his 2000 memoir, "A Personal Odyssey," he relates an episode in which some students approached him after taking his graduate seminar on Marxian theory. They expressed appreciation for the course but added, "We still don't know what your opinion is on Marxism." He took it as an unintended compliment. "My job was to teach them economics, not teach them what I happen to believe," says Mr. Sowell...'

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