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Covering the Economy: April 12, 2006: Global Issues

Global Issues Readings:

Offshoring: The Next Industrial Revolution? - Alan S. Blinder: Summary: Economists who insist that "offshore outsourcing" is just a routine extension of international trade are overlooking how major a transformation it will likely bring -- and how significant the consequences could be. The governments and societies of the developed world must start preparing, and fast...

Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal: Outsourcing: Matt Richtel writes: "The Long-Distance Journey of a Fast-Food Order - New York Times: SANTA MARIA, Calif. -- Like many American teenagers, Julissa Vargas, 17, has a minimum-wage job in the fast-food industry -- but hers has an unusual geographic reach..."

Alan Krueger on Immigration: Immigration policy involves fundamental issues about what and who we are as a country. There are no simple answers on immigration policy because different people can legitimately assign different weights to the welfare of new immigrants, recent immigrants, and various groups of natives. In addition, there is considerable debate disagreement among economists about the economic impacts of immigration....