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Stupidest Man Alive: The Winner

I regret to say that Donald Luskin of National Review is not the stupidest man alive.

The stupidest man alive is Jon Derbyshire of National Review.

Yes, that's Jon "I Got Mine, Jack! Pull up the Ladder!" Derbyshire:

The Corner on National Review Online: REFORMED [Jon Derbyshire] A couple of readers to this effect: "Aren't you a bit embarrassed to be laying in to illegal immigrants, having confessed that you yourself were once an illegal immigrant?" No. I look on it as being sort of like the reformed drunk at a temperance meeting.

Besides, there's INSIDE and OUTSIDE. I can recall thinking, as an i-i, that Americans were kind of naive about immigration. Since the naivety was to my personal advantage, I didn't complain. AS AN AMERICAN, and having jumped through all the darn immigration hoops at last (seven years to Green Card, nine more to citizenship), I'm entitled to another point of view...

Ah. I see the circular firing squad of flying attack monkeys has arrived from National Review to troll. I'll keep the amusing ones...