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Backup. Backup. Backup:

Mathematician vs. Philosopher: A Series Of Unfortunate Events: It seems that it's that time of the year again; the time when a young server's thoughts turn to destroying its own file system, along with the most recent backup of that file system. My server seems to be having an especially difficult time of things. I managed to restore all of its files and databases, but it decided to pout by refusing to build key PERL modules for me. I don't take any shit from machines, so I took off my belt and beat the shit out of it to show it who's boss.

We seem to have reached an understanding.

In order to preserve our friendship, we both agreed to make some changes. I am going to try to drink less and stop embarrassing the server by pointing out it had processor augmentation surgery. In return, the server is going to try to reliably serve my websites for more than a year and a half at a time without completely melting down. If either of us reneges on the terms of our agreement, the offender will be beaten with a wrench for a period of no less than seven minutes and forty-five seconds.