The Democrats: They Have a Plan
Now He Tells Us (Yet Another Washington Post Edition of Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?)

Balloon Juice

Tim F. directs us away from world-weary liberals like himself and toward the shrill Greg Djerejian:

Balloon Juice: when a liberal like me criticizes Bush these days you mostly get weary sadness and a sort of sardonic cynicism. Sure I was outraged once, back around the time that he got elected the first time, but that steam blew off a long time ago and I have long since reached the poiltical equivalent of a thousand-yard stare. Transportation contracts awarded to criminals who can't hold on to buses or a transportation license? Throw it on the pile. I know that I should feel pissed but jeebus, they lied about Clinton peeling the W keys off of White House keyboards and the nonsense hasn't let up since.

It is refreshing to read somebody for whom the outrage is still fresh.... Being a relatively recent Belgravia reader I don't know when the revelation happened for Gregory Djerejian but it is clear that Donald Rumsfeld's determined idiocy did for Djerejian what the Schiavo affair did for the proprietor of this site. Today's rant is characteristically lucid:

Look, I was talking to a partner at a leading private equity firm a few days back about the state of play in DC. He leans strongly Republican. The "Decider" line came up. He said: "I mean, what the eff is this, a banana republic?" Indeed. We've had it. The government appears increasingly cretinized and dyfunctional. At this point, despite the bubble-headed idiocy of the Pelosi-wing, I can't help feeling thinking Republicans should be rooting for the Democrats to take control of the House in November, subpoena power and all. I mean, what are the arguments for Republicans keeping control? $100 oil rebates and other Fristian crapola?