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None Dare Call It Treason

Would you believe I've never read this? The pile grows:

John Stormer (1964), None Dare Call It Treason

A review of it:

W. D. Moore - See all my reviews. Stormer first wrote this book in 1964, which shows just how prescient he was. This edition was revised in 1990. I just found out about it, but have not read it yet. Judging from the other reviews, he has added a LOT to it; and he might not have arranged this much expanded material as carefully as he organized the less ambitious scope of the first edition. The first one was very tightly reasoned.

As I understand it, State Department Document 7277 was a plan for total global disarmament. President Kennedy presented this global vision in his speech to the United Nations in 1963. All the nations of the world will be gradually disarmed until no state will be able to challenge the progressively strengthened UN Peace Force. Whenever any Congressman expressed concern about this, his colleagues insisted, "They're just talking." In other words, just ignore the frighteneing rhetoric that was written into the founding document of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.

To understand some of Stormer's new material better, read "The Naked Capitalist", by W. Cleon Skousen. Read with especial care the section about John Ruskin and the philosophy of Plato. What ties all these disparate movements together is that they all are basically working towards a New World Order based on Plato's Republic. I don't know about Rockefeller being an anti-communist hawk; but Skousen shows that from the beginning, the global communist revolution has been financed by wealthy western capitalists. They are following the dictum of Plato: use any means available to destablize the existing world order, to prepare the way for the new world order. Abraham Lincoln began to understand some of this when he discovered that all the international bankers were financing both sides in the Civil War.

The Bible predicts all of this, and prophesies that it will result in the Battle of Armageddon. It is an irony of world history that those who work towards world peace are driving the world towards its final war. When men refuse to submit to the enlightened rule of the new peace-makers, the rulers will in their self-righteousness resort to extreme repression. The sinful natures of the rulers, unchecked by political accountablity- for all men are sinners- will drive them into all sorts of bloody lusts against the people and against each other. The Bible says it will be the worst tyranny in all of world history- a title which, considering the competition, deserves a lot of respect.

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I wonder if W. Cleon Skousen is any relation to Mark Skousen, whose Making of Modern Economics is quite good?