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Daniel Gross notes Ben Stein smacking down supply siders:

Daniel Gross: May 28, 2006 - June 03, 2006 Archives: BUELLER? ANYONE? Ben Stein -- Ben Stein! -- smacks down supply-siders in the New York Times. Money graph:

On the right side of the aisle, there is breathtaking confusion about supply-side economics. Treasury Secretary John W. Snow has been touring the money programs on television, touting the effects of the Bush tax cuts on federal revenues, "explaining," as one might say, that this proves that supply-side theory really does work and you really can get something for nothing. He is partly right, in the same sense that you could borrow a bit more than $4 trillion to buy stocks and then tell people you are worth $4 trillion -- if you don't count the money you owed.