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Why Oh Why Can't We have a Better Press Corps? (Jonah Goldberg at the Los Angeles Times Edition)

Can the LA Times please remove Jonah Goldberg before he writes again?

Here's one point he makes: presidents don't control the economy:

Jonah Goldberg: It's Iraq, stupid - Los Angeles Times: The idea that any White House "creates" jobs is absurd and always has been. Alas, there is no machine in the West Wing basement churning out job openings for welders and ophthalmologists. The $12-trillion American economy is too big, too diverse and too complicated for the government to "run"...

Here's another point: it's unfair that George W. Bush isn't getting credit for recent growth in employment:

It's just so unfair... if Bush "lost" a few million jobs in his first term, surely by the same standard Bush has "created" 5 million jobs since 2003. Of course, Republican presidents rarely receive such fairness...

Here's a third point: Goldberg says that Bush's management of the economy has been lousy:

Of course, there are reasons to fret about the economy: growing entitlements, demographic time bombs, health insurance woes, the national debt and the deficit...

And here's a fourth point: but it's unfair to blame Bush for lousy management of the economy when Reagan got a pass:

But these are perennial concerns. The debt and deficit didn't sour President Reagan's boom...

As Busy, Busy, Busy puts it:

Busy, Busy, Busy: Shorter Jonah Goldberg: The media's failure to give Mr. Bush undeserved credit for the economy's performance is proof of its liberal bias.