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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (The New York Times Is a Public Embarrassment Edition)

In the New York Times, David Brooks pulls the three-year-old excuse for the Bush administration--you know, "the dish got broke somehow." He says that the Bush deficits are an "ungoverned force."

Brad Setser points out that the Bush deficits are a very governed force:

RGE - Not quite sure the federal debt is an "ungoverned force": Despite what David Brooks says. The rising debt seems to be a direct consequence of cutting taxes and raising spending -- decisions the Bush Administration made. The US may not be able to stop Chinese "mercantilism," but Chinese intervention in the foreign exchange market also is a rather direct consequence of a government decision. Brooks list of "ungoverned forces surging out of control" consequently seemed a bit odd.

Gail Collins: raise the quality of your operation. You are an embarrassment.