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Zero Tolerance for Grahams!

Over at National Review, Tim Graham attacks Katie Couric and demands "intolerance":

The Corner on National Review Online: Katie Couric's so very GLAAD: On the occasion of the final episode of NBC's Will & Grace, Katie Couric insisted, "on a serious note," that it's one of her daughter's favorite shows, and it's so important to teach tolerance of "people who are different" at a "very early age." Anyone who expected a fair and balanced anchorwoman at CBS on the hot-button social issues, shred your illusions now...

I agree. It is especially important to be intolerant of Grahams. As every reader of Steel Bonnets knows, Grahams are invariably cowards--you certainly don't want them along when stealing horses in the night. Plus they cheat at dice. And they can't hold their liquor.

Give me an Armstrong, a Dodd, or a Carey any day. Those we can tolerate. But Grahams are very different from the rest of us. All right-thinking people agree that zero tolerance is the only sensible Graham policy.