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A National Review Trifecta

If National Review did not exist, it would be beyond the wit of humanity--beyond the wit of all intelligences in the universe--to invent it:

Matthew Yglesias watches Jonah Goldberg:

The New Journalism | TPMCafe: Jonah Goldberg misquotes John Murtha, truncating his statement in a manner that substantially alters the meaning. Following up, he justifies his action by noting that The New York Times did the same thing later. We're not even in "two wrongs don't make a right" territory here.

Meanwhile, Rich Lowry appears not to know that "crucial" means "decisive: will settle things one way or another":

The Corner on National Review Online: Tom Friedman['s saying] "the next six months will be crucial." When his repetition of that phrase over and over was pointed out in The Corner, I said I would have agreed with him every time he said it. Some readers asked why. Because every time Friedman said it, it was true. It was and is true because Iraq has never decisively tilted one way or the other. ..

And Iain Murray makes me sorry I named John Derbyshire the Stupidest Man Alive:

The Corner on National Review Online: A meteorite hit a remote area of northern Norway yesterday. The explosive force of the impact was equivalent to that of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. I wonder if they'll try to blame this on global warming?