Mishkin Is Tapped for Fed Board
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Department of "Huh?"

Rick Mishkin is a very good choice for a Fed governor.

But who is Jeannine Aversa? And why is she let loose with a typewriter?

Bush Nominates Mishkin to Fed Board: By JEANNINE AVERSA: WASHINGTON -- President Bush is pressing a deeper imprint on the Federal Reserve Board, the largely secretive institution that sets America's monetary policy. Bush on Friday nominated Frederic Mishkin, currently the Alfred Lerner Professor of Banking and Financial Institutions at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, to serve there. Mishkin also has been a professor at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University and Princeton University. He received his bachelor's degree and his Ph.d from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Fed determines the course of interest rates, which affect investors large and small. It also is responsible for making sure the nation's financial system remains safe and sound.

The board increasingly has the Bush look. He chose Ben Bernanke, who became the Fed chairman on Feb. 1, replacing Alan Greenspan, and Bush has either appointed or reappointed each of the people on the Fed's board...

The "largely secretive institution"? Google 105,000,000" search results for Federal Reserve; Google news reports "about 38,600." Directional microphones are aimed at Ben Bernanke every time he leaves his house, in the hope that they will pick up some of his mutterings.

Where do they find these people?

Why oh Why can't we have a better press corps?