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Does Insanity Run in the Hitchens Family?

The answer appears to be yes. Peter Hitchens believes that the West lost the Cold War:

Mail online - Peter Hitchens: British passport? That won't do nicely: Nothing does more to bring a holiday to an abrupt end than arrival at one of Britain's grim airports, especially the ones surrounding London. The windowless corridors with their low ceilings are like the reception halls of some vast liberal prison, which in a way they are.

But the experience is also interesting, if you are observant. For years, the passport gates have been divided between "EU Passport Holders" and "Non-EU Passport Holders". This distinction made it rather too plain that there is now no such thing as a British subject, that we do not control our borders and that former British subjects now have no more right to enter their own country than the citizens of nearly three dozen assorted countries, some of them until recently Communist dictatorships. Commonwealth citizens are even worse off.

As in all socialist paradises, only money or privilege can get you past these clogged queues. If you aren't able to get into the 'fast track', you must wait for ages while parties of retired Estonian KGB colonels are waved into the country ahead of you...