Why Oh Why Are We Ruled by These Fools?
Mishkin Is Tapped for Fed Board

Tom Maguire Loses His Identity

Tom Maguire loses his identity. He forgets that he is an American patriot, and for a moment becomes a cynical Republican partisan:

JustOneMinute: GD Hamdan - Careful What You Wish For: The Supreme Court's ruling in Hamdan may represent a Pyrrhic victory for the Democrats - since Bush is now likely to go to Congress for enabling legislation, Dems may be forced into a series of potentially awkward votes just a few months before the election...

Hamdan is not a "Pyrrhic victory" for Democrats. Hamdan is a full-fledged victory for freedom, America, and constitutional government. "Hamdan" says that the United States is not an elective dictatorship, but rather a republic in which there is a legislative branch which legislates and an executive branch that executes the laws--executes the laws, doesn't do what it likes while ignoring Congress.

May Tom Maguire remember who he is soon.