Lies from Colin Powell
Incomplete and Partial Thoughts on Greg Mankiw's Updated "Lazear vs Krugman"

Fafblog! Save Us!

Fafblog! is the only news source that deals with the Bush administration on an appropriate level:

Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.: George W. Bush has to take this case to the highester court in the land: the court of George W. Bush. It's a tough bench alright, but Bush can win this one as long as he exercises his constitutional right to ignore the Constitution. The legal technicalities are pretty complicated but Giblets believes it involves filing a writ of neener neener according to the precedent of I Can't Hear You v. I'm Not Listening. Only then can the forces of freedom protect America from the hordes of Democrofascists that would menace her with their savage civil liberties!