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The King of Zembla Gets It Right

The King of Zembla hits the nail on the head:

King of Zembla: How do you tell a pro-lifer? When the lab catches fire, he leaves the live baby and saves the five blastocysts. Mr. Bush did just that yesterday, exercising the first veto of his benighted presidency to deny medical researchers the use of embryonic stem cells that will now wind up in the dumpster instead:

Bush and his allies say that frozen embryos are tantamount to humans, and therefore are no more appropriate for medical research than are death row inmates. "If this bill were to become law," Bush said yesterday, "American taxpayers would for the first time in our history be compelled to fund the deliberate destruction of human embryos." Others reject that analysis, saying it would make killers of every couple that produces an unused embryo, and every employee and official who allows fertility clinics to produce and store such embryos. "If that's murder, how come the president allows that to continue?" asked Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa). "Where is his outrage?" Harkin called the veto "a shameful display of cruelty, hypocrisy and ignorance."

Silly Tom Harkin. Trying to use logic on George W. Bush and company. They are impervious to logic.