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Not Joe Lieberman's Nadir

Michael Schiavo talks about one of Joe Lieberman's political-positioning exercises:

Daily Kos: Excuse me, Mr. Lieberman?: by Michael Schiavo. Sun Jul 30, 2006 at 07:04:25 PM PDT: [A] few people stood out. Tom Delay, of course. Rick Santorum and Bill Frist. President Bush.

And Joe Lieberman.

Not only did Joe Lieberman support the illegal political intervention in the private and legally protected decisions of my family, he went out of his way to defend it. On national television.

So when I thought about going to Connecticut to remind voters what Joe Lieberman really thinks about family values and personal privacy, I didn't have to think too long.... But it was Joe Lieberman's comment while I was in Connecticut with Ned Lamont that should show everyone Joe Lieberman still doesn't get it. According to press reports, Lieberman said, "It's time for politicians to let Terri Schiavo rest in peace."


Mr. Lieberman, where was your sense of compassion for Terri last year when you went on "Meet the Press" to say politicians should get involved?

Mr. Lieberman, you, Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Marilyn Musgrave and other right-wing politicians thought Terri was a prime political issue then.

Mr. Lieberman, I must have missed your passionate speech on the Senate floor about how this issue, this case, my family was not a cause for politicians. I missed it, Senator, because you never gave such a speech.

When it came time to count hands and be heard, Mr. Lieberman, you threw in with Bill Frist and George Bush.

And now that you're in a fight for your political future and down in the polls you want politicians to "let Terri rest in peace."

I'll bet you do, Mr. Lieberman.

I bet you want nothing more than for voters in Connecticut to forget what you did and what you said...