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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Washington Post Edition)

Dean Baker watches the Washington Post further shred its reputation:

Beat the Press: Okay folks, get your checkbooks out. The people who pledged a CEPR contribution for every Post article/column whining about entitlements owe us money. This one is from Bob Kerrey and Warren Rudman, the co-chairs of the Concord Coalition.

In addition to conflating Social Security and Medicare... the column also has a few other standard scare tactics.... [I]t projects a rise in spending from approximately 20 percent of GDP at present to 40 percent in 30 years. The biggest part of this rise is due to a rising interest burden. See, if we run larger deficits, and Congress never responds by either raising taxes and/or cutting spending, then we get a rising interest burden. Silly trick, but this is the Post.

And of course, the article never discusses health care reform as something that should be on the national agenda....

The fact that the Post prints this stuff would not be so bad if they would occasionally allow an opposing view.

Fire Fred Hiatt. Fire Fred Hiatt today.