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How Bad Is Wal-Mart's Image?

Wal-Mart's image:

[Washington Wire]( How Bad Is Wal-Mart's Image?

Well, the big retailer’s image is better than President Bush’s, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s, Vice President Dick Cheney’s, but not as good as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s.

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found when it asked respondents to “rate your feelings” toward the following.

Very or somewhat positive   Very or somewhat negative
Wal-Mart 45% 31%
Rumsfeld 31% 43%
Bush 42% 49%
Cheney 43% 50%
Rice 55% 28%
And for comparison…    
Target 51% 10%

(Rows don’t add to 100 because remainder were neutral or weren’t sure.)