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I'm Not Going Back Over There!!

Some correspondents are asking me to go back to They don't know what they're asking. You don't know what it's like over there. I can't go back. I can't. Please don't make me.

PGL and Kevin Drum find Mickey Kaus complaining about all those rich people artificially inflating our poverty figures by taking the year off from work:

Angry Bear: ...affluent people who, by reason of their affluence, are able to take off a year with no income and therefore show up as "poor" in the income stats...

Yep. Rich people who don't work, so they don't have any earned income; don't have pensions and Social Security; don't own property, so they don't have any rental income; don't own stocks, so they don't have any dividend income; they don't have any oil wells or literary properties, so they don't have any royalty income; and don't own bonds or have bank accounts, so they don't have any interest income.

Rich people without any earned income, pension income, Social Security income, rental income, royalty income, dividend income, or interest income. But they are "affluent."

There are sure a lot of them. Why, I run into thousands every day. At Safeway.

PGL and Kevin can deal with Mickey Kaus as they want.

I'm not going back over there.