September 11, 2001

The Bloggy Wisdom of Martin Peretz

Is there a person less suited to be a weblogger for the New Republic--a person likely to do more to embarrass and shred the New Republic's reputation than even Lee Siegel did--than Marty Peretz?

But it's twue! It's twue! Franklin Foer has lost his mind.

Today we are taught that Scooter Libby is innocent because Joe Wilson is a second-rater because he is an expert on Africa. Peretz's post on Libby opens:

The Spine: Joseph C. Wilson and Valerie Plame['s]... careers had ended on the lower-middle rungs.... Wilson did end his State Department career as an ambassador, with the "your excellency" stuff and all that. But his last posting was as envoy to Sao Tome and Principe, two small volcanic islands situated in the equatorial Atlantic, consisting of 386 square miles and populated by 160,000 people. This republic has no yellowcake. It surely is one of those designated diplomatic hardship spots. In any case, it is represented in the United Nations.... After leaving State, Joe went to Bill Clinton's National Security Council, where he worked again on Africa policy, such as it was...