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The First Rule of the Bush White House: "Bettern Not to Put This in Writing" Is Best Not Put in Writing

The first rule of the Bush White House: everytime you are tempted to write "Better not to put this stuff in writing," that phrase is the thing it is most important not to put in writing. Capisci?

Of course they don't understand. Here's Kevin Drum:

The Washington Monthly: "BETTER TO NOT PUT THIS STUFF IN WRITING...." The House Government Reform Committee has released a bipartisan report on the Jack Abramoff scandal, including hundreds of emails between Abramoff and various GOP luminaries, including Karl Rove's assistant, Susan Ralston. And why not? Ralston used to work for Abramoff, after all.

You can see 'em all here. Mostly they seem to be obsessed with the giving and getting of skybox tickets to various sporting events, but Abramoff's bilking of Indian tribes and other clients is an ongoing favorite too. I haven't read the whole bunch, but I've reproduced my favorite exchange below. I wonder how many emails to "Susan's mc pager" didn't get into the White House system?

Impeach George W. Bush. Impeach him now.