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Greg Mankiw's Blog: CBO on Pharma Profits

Thou Hast Conquered, YouTube!

YouTube has won the video wars for now.

So I am moving my morning coffee videocasts over to YouTube:

Morning Coffee Videocasts: NAFTA: I was a true believer in NAFTA--the North American Free Trade Agreement. Now my faith is not gone, but it is shaken.

Morning Coffee Videocasts: Bob Woodward: Bob Woodward's reporting is not just not "indispensible," it is wrong. I was there for the events that he recounts in "The Agenda" and again in "Maestro." There's no way Woodward could have thought he was telling the story straight both times he told it.

Morning Coffee Videocasts: Brad DeLong's Morning Coffee: Iraq: We have four live options in Iraq. All are bad. But we won't even be able to make our choice among evils until Bush is gone.

Morning Coffee Videocasts: Brad DeLong's Morning Coffee: Max Sawicky: Max Sawicky has the best riff on Isaac Newton's old line that I have ever heard. He says that those modeling the international economy assuming perfect capital mobility are "standing on the shoulders of men in ditches. Very deep ditches."

Good ones from the past include:

Morning Coffee Videocast: Why Social Security Is a Good Thing

Morning Coffee Videocast: Feckless Republican Leaders on the Budget Deficit:

Morning Coffee Videocast: The Estate Tax Once Again

Morning Coffee Videocast: PAYGO

Morning Coffee Videocast: A Primer on the Federal Reserve

Morning Coffee Videocast: Supply Side Follies