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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Yet Another Washington Post Edition)

Jonathan Schwartz writes:

A Tiny Revolution: Washington Post's Outstanding News Judgment Comes Through For Us Again!: The Washington Post today ran a story about the new Johns Hopkins study estimating excess deaths in Iraq since the U.S. invasion at 655,000. It was on page A12.

Now, whiny malcontents who don't understand the news business might wonder why this doesn't merit screaming headlines on the front page. But what these whiny malcontents don't get is that Page One real estate is precious. You can't run just any old story there. You have to give the highest priority to what really matters, what the policymakers and just regular citizens in Washington HAVE to know about.

For instance:

The Handwriting Is on the Wall: Researchers See a Downside as Keyboards Replace Pens in School

Story online here. I particularly appreciate the cursive headline. Let no one say there's a shortage of ingenuity at the Washington Post when it comes to presenting the critical news of the day!

I give them less than ten years. I cannot imagine why anybody who thinks about it pays for the Post today.