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Is Neil King Being Naive or Vicious? We Report, You Decide

Neil King of the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire reports:

Potential Deputies to Rice: No Thanks: Secretary of State Rice continues to struggle to find anyone to replace Robert Zoellick as her deputy, leaving many to wonder why an otherwise plum job offers so little attraction. Zoellick, who is now at Goldman Sachs, left the department in July, and Rice has since approached at least four candidates to take the post; all have turned her down, according to several knowledgeable sources. Among those who have said no are Deputy Treasury Secretary Robert Kimmitt and Gen. James Jones, former Marine Corps commander and now head the United States European Command. Rice is said to have asked Gen. Jones twice to take the job.

There is now talk that Rice is reaching out to Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, with some suggesting that the offer has been sweetened with a promise to give Negroponte the top job should Rice leave the State Department before the end of the administration. Some Republicans still think Rice may decide to seek elected office--even the presidency in 2008--despite her many protestations to the contrary.

--Neil King Jr.

Do many really wonder why nobody wants to be Condi Rice's deputy? Or do people already know?