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John Tierney: Department of "Huh?" (Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? Department)

Josh Micah Marshall points us at John Tierney's final op-ed column:

Bring On the Seinfeld Congress - New York Times: After six years of libertarians reluctantly electing Republicans as the lesser of two evils, we've finally had enough. We've voted out big-government conservatism, and the result is the happy state of gridlock. For now, our work is done...

Back up. Tierney says that it was a swing of libertarians away from Republican to Democratic candidates that made Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House? Is he psychotic? Delusional? Or simply totally cynical about how much c--- he can feed his readers?

Shame on the New York Times. It won't survive if it keeps employing people who lack either contact with reality or a desire to inform rather than mislead their readers.