Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Thomas Edsall Version)
Meanwhile, in Iraq

More Stupidest Men Alive Nominations from National Review and the New Republic

A correspondent nominates Victor Davis Hanson for the Stupidest Men Alive contest for this from National Review--perhaps the last bit of psychotic Bush-worship ever:

The Corner on National Review Online: there really will come a time, believe it or not, when a future American President baffled and paralyzed by the latest insanity from the Middle East--whether an Iranian nuke or a Syrian invasion of Lebanon or another Middle East war or the usual assassination and killing of Americans--will ask former president George Bush II for advice, as a then fawning media will look back to his past "toughness" and "determination" when under fire.

Another correspondent nominates James Kurth for the Stupidest Men Alive contest for this from The New Republic--a deranged Godwin's Law violation that declares non-Shia Muslims to be Nazis:

James Kurth; Iraq: What Next? Disenfranchise the Sunnis: Baathist Iraq was often compared to Nazi Germany: Saddam was said to play the role of Adolf Hitler and the Baath Party that of the Nazi Party. A more accurate comparison, however, would analogize the Baath Party to the Waffen S.S., the Nazi Party's elite unit, and the Sunni Arab community to the Nazi Party as a whole, which eventually made up as much as 15 percent of Germany's population.

But, unlike their Nazi counterparts in Germany in 1945, the Sunni Arabs in Iraq in 2003 were not totally defeated, devastated, and demoralized by the time their government was toppled. Consequently, they were soon able to initiate and support a vicious insurgency...

I'm going to declare moral equivalence here.