My Guess at the Unredacted Leverett-Mann Op-Ed
J. Bradford Delong (2006), "Aftathoughts on NAFTA"

Department of "Huh?"

More signs that Republican loyalty runs one way only:

Washington Wire - : With Friends Like These...: Republican House staff members who are losing their jobs in the aftermath of November's loss of control are hoping Democrats will re-extend the hand of largesse to them next month.

As the old Congress wound down in a scramble of post-election activity, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered to pay two months'9 severance to staff members working on some committees and in House leadership offices. But her offer was scuttled -- by Republican lawmakers, who complained they didn't have the opportunity to study the proposal and look at costs.

The Senate already provides two months pay for displaced staff members. One of the affected House staffers said his comrades are mystified that a plan that would benefit employees of Republicans would be killed by Republicans: "We hope the Democrats revisit it." --Gary Fields