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Double-Barreled Stupidity from CNN: Fire Jeff Greenfield. Fire Jeff Greenfield Now

First, CNN says that Bush's new Iraq policy has been "largely decided"--and then says that it isn't:

White House: Bush's new Iraq policy largely decided - President Bush on Tuesday put off until early next month announcing a new approach to the Iraq war, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Bush should take whatever time necessary to decide his next steps. The White House initially indicated that Bush might deliver the speech before Christmas. While administration officials said Bush had largely decided on where he wants to go in terms of a new policy, he gave no public hint of his plan at a meeting with the country's Sunni vice president.

"Our objective is to help the Iraqi government deal with the extremists and the killers, and support the vast majority of Iraqis who are reasonable, who want peace," Bush said after an Oval Office meeting Tuesday with Tariq al-Hashemi....

Taking questions after a State Department meeting with Australia's foreign minister, Rice said there were several factors behind the delay -- including a desire to allow incoming Defense Secretary Robert Gates to settle in and help in developing the new policy. Gates starts the job on December 18.

Either it is largely decided and Gates's input is not important, or it isn't "largely decided" at all. Shame on CNN.

But that's not the only outburst of stupidity. There's Jeff Greenfield: the fact that CNN continues to employ him is reason enough to pull the plug on the entire network. I confess that I had expected the press to help the Republican Slime Machine try to dispose of Barack Obama. I hadn't expected it to come so soon, for the press to be so enthusiastic as Jeff Greenfield is, or for him to prostitute himself so cheaply:

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall December 11, 2006 08:32 PM: JEFF GREENFIELD: The senator was in New Hampshire over the weekend, sporting what's getting to be the classic Obama look. Call it business casual, a jacket, a collared shirt, but no tie.

It is a look the senator seems to favor....

But, in the case of Obama, he may be walking around with a sartorial time bomb. Ask yourself, is there any other major public figure who dresses the way he does? Why, yes. It is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who, unlike most of his predecessors, seems to have skipped through enough copies of "GQ" to find the jacket-and-no-tie look agreeable.

And maybe that's not the comparison a possible presidential contender really wants to evoke...


GREENFIELD: Now, it is one thing to have a last name that sounds like Osama and a middle name, Hussein, that is probably less than helpful. But an outfit that reminds people of a charter member of the axis of evil, why, this could leave his presidential hopes hanging by a thread. Or is that threads? -- Wolf.

Fire Jeff Greenfield. Fire Jeff Greenfield now.