Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (George F. Will/Washington Post Edition)
My Guess at the Unredacted Leverett-Mann Op-Ed

When Blogger Attacks!

From A Fire on the Deep:

Searching, probing. The Power had not bothered to sabotage... but that was no problem.... One more second... safety. The laser flickered on a failure sensor.... Its interrupts could not be ignored.... Interrupt honored. Interrupt handkler running, looking out, receiving more light... a backdoor into the... code... and the Power was aboard, with milliseconds to spare. Its agents--not even human-equivalent on this primitive hardware--raced through the ship's automation.... Cameras in the ship's bridge showed widening of eyes, the beginning of a scream. The humans knew, to the extent that horror can live in a fraction of a second...

The new version of Blogger appears to be reaching out across the Internet and crashing my copy of MarsEdit.

That is all.