I'm puzzled by McGrattan and Prescott, "Taxes, Regulation, and Asset Pricing"
Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Deborah Howell/Washington Post Edition)

When Electronics Attack...

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to The Christmas without an Oven, as the electronics malfunctioned last week and blew out the bake heating elements in both the upper and lower ovens. Oven repair has been called but...

Any connection between the blowing-out of the oven heating elements and the continued crashing of MarsEdit when it tries to access blogger is still speculative at this time.

And perhaps our information stream itself is being corrupted. I mean, a crab cioppino recipe that calls for eight pounds of crab and only half an onion?

We successfully got out of Whole Foods by 11:00 AM on Christmas Eve morning. We wouldn't want to be there now. We didn't really want to be there then, but where else can you get grass-fed organic antibiotic-free crabs?