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Dana Milbank Is Also a Possible Replacement for Fafblog

Wonkette makes the catch:

Condi, Don't Take Your Love to the Foreign Relations Panel - Wonkette: Dana Milbank has found the only US Senator in support of Bush's Iraq plan, and he's just as bright as you think.

Indeed, the lone lawmaker showing some sympathy was Republican Johnny Isakson of Georgia, who muddied his defense with an extended metaphor about gambling. He said Bush's speech Wednesday night made clear "this one is for all the marbles," and he advised Iraqis to heed "Kenny Rogers's old song, 'You got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.' It%'s time for them to deliver on the hand that they've dealt."

Do you think he actually didn't remember the second line of the chorus, or did it come to him halfway through and he had to wing it?