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Egregious Moderation: A Rotisserie-League Journal of Opinion and Politics

The Weekly Not-Me: Back in 1972, my middle school Social Studies teacher Peter Cohen introduced me to the concept of the weekly political magazine. Ever since then, I have wanted to own one. Now I realize that, with the coming of the web, I can--in an RSS-fueled, rotisserie league sense, that is.


Egregious Moderation: For people who want one online source for punchy liberal political analysis and evisceration; especially evisceration.

I'll form it out of a batting order of twelve (which I will change from time to time), plus occasional guest stars: the twelve people who I would most wish to have on a weekly political magazine's staff, plus the most interesting outside pieces that I would wish to have solicited.

And if you are looking for a real magazine/website meeting a real payroll? I think the American Prospect is currently the best, with the New York Review of Books a close second...