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Retro Science Fiction

The Singularity in historical perspective:

The Brad DeLong Early Holocene Sci-Fi Contest:

Robert G. Seeberger .......Well........I'm declaring a contest myself The Idea is to write a few paragraphs that exhibit what Sci-Fi would be for an early hunter/gatherer:

"As you know, Throgette," said Throg son of Throg son of Throg, "these new flint deposits allow us to make 147% more hand-axes from each flint core. That will be a great help in butchering the mastadon carcasses and preparing for the winter. If only we could build fires on a large enough scale to make the cold of the winter less deep."

"Build enough fires to warm the whole world? There will never be enough people to build enough fires to warm the world by even 1/212 of the difference between the coldness of ice and the hotness of the cloud that comes when you forget and leave the water-pot on the fire too long!"


"But we can dream dreams. Someday, in the far future, there will be not hundreds of people but hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds!"


"And they will acknowledge the leadership of one man--a man from the hot country of the Permian Basin."

"That's just not credible. There's so little water there. Anyone who voluntarily lived there would automatically disqualify himself from leadership by virtue of obvious stupidiy."

"And he will believe that changes in the kinds of plants and animals come about not because of mutation, resulting variation, and natural selection but because they are impelled to do so by the guidance of a Great Spirit!"

"Now you've gone too far--over into complete fantasy."

PAT MATHEWS: My own entry:

"Chief, I have foreseen a time when everybody can have all the meat, fat, and sweet stuff they can eat, and they all get fat."

"Shaman, you have had a vision of the Happy Hunting Grounds."

"And, Chief, it is considered a great and horrible problem! People go out of their way to eat leaves and grass and grains, and work very hard to look lean and brown."

"Shaman, you've been eating too many of those strange mushrooms, and are seeing everything backward."