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Impeach George W. Bush. Impeach Him Now

Shrill Unholy Bush-Hating Madness Spreads Through National Review

Yes, they too are shriller than Paul Krugman now. Over on Lexington Avenue they are calling for George W. Bush's resignation. For all I know, tonight after they finish their Bombay Sapphire martinis they're going to sacrifice Geddy Lee to the Black Dolphin.

Here's George Conway:

Reconcilable Differences on National Review Online: Ahmadinejad and Assad should be thrilled that Bush is tying up more assets in Baghdad and Anbar. They've got us right where they want us.So much for substance. On style, Tom Shales correctly remarks here how tense, anxious and rigid Bush looked last night. Frankly, as he has over the past few weeks, Bush looked like a man who is in way over his head, which he is. The man who got the country into this hole, and whose neglect and incompetence dug us deeper into into it, looks like a man who would like nothing more than to get back to Crawford. We'd all be better off if he would.