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When Multitasking Attacks! Video iPods, Deterrence Theory, the Friend-Enemy Distinction, and the Muscles Connecting Your Shoulder to Your Back

Fortunately, now that I have a video iPod I can multitask and watch hearing files from CSPAN and other things while out with America's Silliest Dog in the mornings.

Unfortunately, using the iPod this way in the winter before dawn kills my night vision.

Fortunately, our standard routes are fairly smooth and usually paved.

Unfortunately, I didn't see the skunk this morning until we were twenty feet from it.

Fortunately, the skunk was unclear on Karl Schmitt's friend-enemy distinction: it may have thought we were going to feed it, for it looked at us for a good ten seconds before it turned and waddled away.

Unfortunately, America's Silliest Dog has no conception of deterrence theory, and wanted to charge the skunk.

Fortunately, I was not only holding the leash but had it wrapped twice around my wrist.

Unfortunately, America's Silliest Dog is lean and well-muscled and I am not: the muscles connecting my shoulder to my back are now expressing their displeasure with the management.